Victorian native travels to Ukraine, housing remains scarce

Women's conference in Ukraine

After watching and hearing all the news about Ukranian refugees fleeing the country, Bill Pozzi traveled to Czestochowie, Poland with a missionary group to attend a women's conference. When Pozzi arrived he noticed there were many women, children, and old men staying in refugee camps. People staying in these camps learned more about the social services available in Poland until the war ends. Missionary groups with Shoreline Church in Austin and Faith Family Church in Victoria traveled together.

Attack on Syrian camp for displaced people kills 16

At least 16 civilians were killed when rockets struck an internally displaced persons camp, in the village of Qah in Syria's Idlib province on Wednesday, according to the volunteer rescue group known as the White Helmets.

Calif. Hmong community copes with first mass shooting

A group of Hmong family and friends gathered Sunday night in a Fresno backyard to do a very American thing -- watch football. Instead, they became victims of another very American thing -- a mass shooting that left four men dead and six others injured.

Kurdish humanitarian groups left to fend for themselves

As the first bombs fell on Ras al-Ain, residents of the Kurdish-Syrian village frantically collected treasured possessions and fled their homes. Soon, a 10km long traffic jam snaked south, away from the border with Turkey.