Hong Kong pro-democracy parties make major gains

Pro-democracy candidates appear to have made major gains in Hong Kong's district council elections, as early results trickled in Monday morning, with multiple high-profile pro-government figures losing their seats.

Australia to vote regarding indigenous people

Two years after the Australian government rejected a landmark plan to officially recognize indigenous people in the country's Constitution, a top official said he will move forward with a national referendum on the issue.

Ireland to vote on shortening divorce wait period

In the last four and a half years, Michael Rossney has been to court 40 times and spent tens of thousands of euros on legal fees. Like some 118,000 people in Ireland, his marriage has broken down and he is separated from his partner.

Desperate May to meet with Merkel on Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May will begin frantic meetings with European Union leaders Tuesday as she attempts to find a way to renegotiate her Brexit deal in the face of overwhelming opposition among UK lawmakers.

What will happen next in Britain's Brexit drama?

Even the most optimistic of Theresa May's allies are preparing for her to lose next week's crucial House of Commons vote on her Brexit deal. After three crushing defeats for her government earlier this week, and with her Brexit plans opposed by MPs in a