2 newborns sickened by tick bites

Two newborn babies experienced illnesses rare for their age group after they were bitten by ticks, according to a case study published Wednesday in the medical journal Pediatrics.

Latest victims of overtourism? Huskies

The nights are drawing in and temperatures are dropping in the Northern Hemisphere. And in Finnish Lapland, that means one thing: Tourists are on the way, and they want husky rides.

Mixing bleach and citrus cleaners may be harmful

Raise your hand if bleach is your go-to cleaner when you want to get rid of dangerous cold germs and flu viruses, or when you want to sanitize your kitchen. After all, that's what science tells us to do.

FDA cautions against feeding your dog this food

The United States Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners to stay away from Performance Dog frozen raw pet food produced on or after July 22, 2019, after a sample tested positive for Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes.