Hundreds of children among 1,000 people killed by Pakistan monsoon rains and floods

"Pakistan is going through its eighth cycle of monsoon while normally the country has only three to four cycles of rain," Rehman said.

Originally Published: 28 AUG 22 05:02 ET By Michelle Velez and Teele Rebane, CNN (CNN) -- Severe rains and flooding have killed at least 1,033 people, including 348 children, and left 1,527 more injured in Pakistan since mid-June, officials said on Sunday.…

Deaths from flooding in monsoon drenched Pakistan near 1,000

The new death toll came a day after Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif asked for international help in battling deadly flood damage in the impoverished Islamic nation.

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Flash floods triggered by heavy monsoon rains across much of Pakistan have killed nearly 1,000 people and injured and displaced thousands more since mid-June, officials said Saturday. The new death toll came a day after Prime Minister…

Dozens killed in train crash in southern Pakistan

At least 17 people remain trapped

Originally Published: 06 JUN 21 23:42 ET Updated: 07 JUN 21 02:43 ET By Sophia Saifi, CNN (CNN) -- Dozens of passengers were killed and several others injured after a train collision in southern Pakistan Monday morning, local time. The…

Indian military deployed as protests rage against citizenship bill

Troops have been deployed to India's ethnically diverse northeastern states of Assam and Tripura, amid violent protests against the passing of a controversial and far-reaching law that offers a path to Indian citizenship for non-Muslim minorities from three neighboring countr

Imran Khan, Narendra Modi address UN as thousands protest outside

As India and Pakistan addressed the world this morning from the podium at the United Nations General Assembly, what was estimated to be thousands of protestors gathered just outside. Enclosed by metal barricades several blocks away from the UN's diplomatic VIP entrance, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs raised signs in support of Kashmir, the disputed region claimed by both countries since 1947.

Pakistan PM: India's actions like Nazism

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has likened India's revoking of Jammu and Kashmir state's autonomy to Nazi ideology, and warned the international community that inaction would be similar to appeasing Hitler.