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'Driscoll is dedicated in helping raise awareness of organ donation'

Driscoll Children's Hospital to celebrate Donate Life Blue & Green Day

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas - On Friday, April 16, Blue & Green Day, the public is encouraged to wear these colors in an effort to raise awareness of April being National Donate Life Month. By doing this, the public is sharing…

First ever drone delivery of donated kidney ends with successful transplant

For the first time, a drone delivered a donated kidney that was then successfully transplanted into a patient, University of Maryland Medical Center said last week. Unmanned aircraft delivery could soon become the fastest, safest and least expensive method for beating the organ transplant clock, the drone developers say.

Pig hearts function in baboons, bringing us closer to use in humans

A new paper details how genetically modified pig hearts transplanted into baboons could support life and function for up to 195 days. The finding, published in the journal Nature on Wednesday, takes scientists a small step closer to the possibility of using donor animal organs for human patients in need of a heart transplant.