'Whiskey Cavalier' serves up spy games as Oscars chaser

ABC and NBC each play spy games, reasonably well, with two new series: "Whiskey Cavalier" -- a fun drama with an awful name, which the network will try to boost with a post-Oscars preview -- and "The Enemy Within," essentially NBC's latest attempt to do another version of "The Blacklist," only with a female twist.

Bob Costas and NBC broke up over concussion remarks

Bob Costas told ESPN in an exclusive interview published on Sunday that the reason he was cut from hosting Super Bowl LII was because of public remarks he made about the detrimental effects of concussions on football players.

NBC: Officials overruled after rejecting Kushner's top secret clearance

White House adviser Jared Kushner was rejected for a security clearance by two White House security specialists after his FBI background check raised concerns, but their supervisor overruled them and approved Kushner's top secret clearance, NBC News reported Thursday, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

NBC News veteran says media is failing at covering America's wars

NBC News national security investigator William Arkin raised eyebrows last week by how he walked away from the network. He left a parting message urging his TV news colleagues to avoid the "circus" of constant reporting about the president and provide more in-depth reporting on America's wars.