Dr. Glenn Layne Towery missing for four years

A 25 News Now Extra: What happened to Dr. Glenn Layne Towery?

VICTORIA, Texas - Dr. Glenn Layne Towery was 56 years old when he went missing in 2017. He was still working as a chiropractor in Victoria, his practice was located off Mockingbird Circle, which now has two different businesses operating…

The Easter Island Heads of Victoria Texas

What's the mystery that has shrouded these stone heads for decades?

VICTORIA, Texas - The Easter Island Heads of Victoria Texas. Stone heads that weigh more than a ton and are over 15 feet tall continue to be shroud in…

Mystery disease hits Norway's dogs

Dozens of dogs in different parts of Norway have been hit by a deadly mystery disease in the past few weeks, and officials are scrambling to identify the cause.