House committee prepares to subpoena immigration agency leaders

A congressional committee is preparing to subpoena the acting directors of two of the Department of Homeland Security's immigration agencies, aiming to compel them to testify over the temporary end to a policy that allowed some immigrants with severe health issues to remain in the US.

Pelosi gets emotional about photo of drowned father, child

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi grew emotional at a press conference Thursday when asked to describe her reaction to a shocking photo of a drowned father and daughter lying face down in the water of the Rio Grande, part of the U.S. border with Mexico.

5,200 people in ICE custody quarantined

US Immigration and Customs Enforcement has placed 5,200 adult immigrants in quarantine after being exposed to mumps or chicken pox, a dramatic jump from just a few months ago, the agency says.

Trump looks to Congress to solve migrant influx

Amid a swell of migrants at the southern border, President Donald Trump and the Department of Homeland Security have looked to Congress to take action, and while lawmakers agree something should be done, that's about all they agree on.

White House is considering appointing an immigration czar

The White House is considering appointing a "border or immigration czar" to oversee the administration's efforts to contain and manage a surge in migrants crossing the southern US border, a source familiar with the discussions told CNN.

Trump admin. orders faster personnel surge to border

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday directed Customs and Border Protection to speed up its planned surge of 750 officers to assist the US Border Patrol along areas of the southern border where there has been an influx of migrants crossing into the US from Mexico.