May Military Hero

Meet Army Veteran George Hyak, who is also 102 years old.

Born September 26, 1919, in Tivoli, Texas, George Hyak is now 102 years old, and if you were to sit down with him you would never guess that Mr. Hyak is over…

Kentucky Derby returns home

With fans and flowery hats, Derby is back at old home in May

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) — The bourbon is flowing again, flowery hats and humans are on the scene and 19 horses are ready to run the most chaotic race of their lives. After being disrupted by a pandemic, the Kentucky Derby…

County Commissioners approve Elder Abuse Prevention Month in May

The Victoria County Commissioners have approved a resolution officially making the month of May Elder Abuse Prevention Month. The Commissioners approved the resolution as adult protection services spread awareness towards elder abuse. The service explained a community with a large…

Britain signs trade deal with Switzerland

British Prime Minister Theresa May has again rejected calls for the UK to remain in a customs union with the European Union after the country leaves the bloc -- but said she remains open to further talks with the opposition Labour Party as the clock ticks toward a potential no-deal Brexit.