Supreme Court eyes abortion challenges ahead of 2020

As the Supreme Court justices prepare to take their seats next week to start a new term, they will meet behind closed doors Tuesday to discuss how they'll handle one of the most explosive issues running into the 2020 election: Abortion.

These Republicans support impeachment of Trump

President Donald Trump is staring down possible impeachment. Fortunately for him, his base of very conservative Republicans in the Senate likely would save him from being removed from office.

Elizabeth Warren doubles down on Medicare for All

The question of the future of private health insurance revealed the starkest divide on policy among the 10 Democratic presidential candidates onstage in Miami, as the first debate night of this 2020 primary began with an early bang.

Biden campaign amends climate plan after being called out

Former Vice President Joe Biden's presidential campaign moved swiftly Tuesday to amend a climate change plan after questions arose about similarities between language in the proposal and progressive organizations' websites and letters.

Bipartisan criminal reform bill passes Congress

On the afternoon of September 5, President Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office debating whether to throw his support behind the most extensive overhaul of prison and sentencing laws in years.

Mexico swears in new leftist president

Mexico swore in leftist leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador, known as AMLO, Saturday before a crowd that included world leaders and a strong majority in both houses of Congress.