Local Methodist reaction to proposed divide by denomination

Local Methodist reaction to proposed divide by denomination caused by conflicting views on LGBTQ inclusion

Friday a group representing the United Methodist Church proposed spinning off the church. This comes amid decades of fighting over whether the denomination should lift its ban…

Iowa town refuses to remove its rainbow crosswalks

When the city of Ames, Iowa, installed rainbow-colored crosswalks at a downtown intersection, it wanted to signal that it was welcoming and inclusive to people of all gender identities, sexualities and races.

No straight pride event at Calif. park

The Northern California city of Modesto on Friday told a group that wanted to hold a straight pride event in two weeks that it cannot use a city park for the event.

Utah is regulating conversion therapy

Utah's legislature couldn't agree on banning conversion therapy for minors. So the governor is giving the state's Psychologist Licensing Board a shot, and they may ban it entirely.