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New charges to Giuliani associates renew foreign money concerns

The criminal indictment against two associates of President Donald Trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani describes an elaborate, months-long scheme to funnel foreign money into federal and state elections around the US to curry favor with politicians on behalf of at least one Ukrainian government official and a Russian businessman.

Group sues FEC over allegation NRA broke campaign-finance law

A gun-safety group is suing the Federal Election Commission for failing to act on its complaints claiming a pattern of the National Rifle Association improperly coordinating its political spending with Donald Trump and other Republican candidates in recent elections.

Trump's cash machine grows stronger as Dems prepare for primaries

Facing a crowded field of Democrats clamoring to oust him, President Donald Trump raised more in the first three months of this year than in any other fundraising period since he entered the White House as he builds a re-election apparatus without any modern precedent.

Trump's campaign fundraising surged at year's end

President Donald Trump's fundraising neared $130 million during the first two years of his presidency, as he readies for what will be a costly re-election battle in 2020, figures released Thursday by his campaign indicate.