famine and food shortages

They were born as Communist China began

When the Chinese Communist Party took power 70 years ago, Ma Jianguo's family members were so excited they named him in honor of what they hoped would be the beginning of a new era.

UK faces food, fuel shortages in no-deal Brexit

With less than 75 days until Britain is set to exit the European Union, a government report leaked to The Sunday Times newspaper reveals the disastrous effects a no-deal Brexit would unleash on the country.

Early humans breastfed their young for a year, study says

Three million years ago, Australopithecus africanus was one of the first human ancestor species to live across the southern African grasslands and forests. A new study of fossil teeth suggests that like modern humans, they breastfed their babies for up to a year after they were born.

A no-deal Brexit nightmare?

As the British government ramps up contingency plans for leaving the European Union without a negotiated deal in place, prominent Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg stated on Twitter that such an outcome "is not the end of the world."