2-year-old orders 31 cheeseburgers after mom leaves phone unlocked

Kelsey Golden's 2-year old son Barrett used her phone while she wasn't looking to order 31 cheeseburgers on DoorDash.

Originally Published: 21 MAY 22 11:42 ET Updated: 21 MAY 22 15:11 ET By Zoe Sottile, CNN (CNN) -- A Texas mother learned an important lesson about leaving her phone unlocked after her 2-year-old son accidentally ordered 31 McDonald's cheeseburgers…

GM and DoorDash to deliver food in self-driving cars

Some year soon, the late-night food delivery from your local restaurant might arrive at your front door without the delivery guy. General Motors' subsidiary Cruise Automation, which makes technology for self-driving cars, has teamed up with food delivery company DoorDash to test out driverless deliveries.