Amy Coney Barrett nominated for Supreme Court Justice

President Trump nominated conservative, Amy Coney Barrett, to fill in a vacant justice seat

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On Saturday, President Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett for a seat in the Supreme Court. He was vocal about his preference, after the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, as the seat became vacant. She…

Court detour could place some witnesses out of Democrats' reach

A federal judge will consider a lawsuit over a key White House official's House subpoena in mid-December, meaning some key impeachment witnesses like former national security adviser John Bolton may be beyond the reach of Democrats as they try to rapidly pursue their investigation of the President.

Trump digs in against Democrats but there may yet be consequences

It had been more than two years since Michael Caputo, the onetime campaign communications adviser to Donald Trump, had spoken to the man he helped elect president. It was a span that encompassed special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, a probe with which Caputo had cooperated.

Takeaways from Kamala Harris' CNN town hall

Sen. Kamala Harris recaptured the spotlight in the Democratic presidential race -- if only for a moment -- on Monday night by arguing that "Congress should take the steps towards impeachment."