Three people are dead after a mid-air plane collision in Colorado

A single-engine Cessna 172 and another aircraft "collided and crashed" near Vance Brand Airport in Longmon just before 9 a.m., the Federal Aviation Administration reported.

Originally Published: 17 SEP 22 14:50 ET By Paradise Afshar and Alaa Elassar, CNN (CNN) -- At least three people died after two planes collided midair Saturday in Boulder County, Colorado, officials say. A single-engine Cessna 172 and another aircraft…

Colorado police officer killed while responding to a disturbance

"This is a tragic loss to this community, to this department, but most significantly to his family and loved ones," Strate said. "His service and sacrifice will never be forgotten."

Originally Published: 11 SEP 22 14:19 ET By Michelle Watson, CNN (CNN) -- An Arvada, Colorado, police officer was killed while responding to a…

Hundreds of Colorado residents lose homes in wildfire

Residents had little time to get out

Originally Published: 31 DEC 21 06:57 ET Updated: 31 DEC 21 08:16 ET By Christina Maxouris, CNN (CNN) -- A vicious wildfire that began Thursday morning in Boulder County, Colorado, swallowed about 1,600 acres in a matter of hours, burning…

Bear attack potentially leaves woman dead in southern Colorado

Woman's autopsy performed as early as next week

Originally Published: 01 MAY 21 15:34 ET Updated: 01 MAY 21 16:54 ET By Melissa Alonso, Leslie Perrot and Alaa Elassar, CNN (CNN) -- A 39-year-old woman was found dead Friday night after an apparent bear attack in southern Colorado,…

5 things to know for March 24

More on Colorado, Covid-19, White House, Myanmar, North Korea

Originally Published: 24 MAR 21 06:14 ET By AJ Willingham, CNN (CNN) -- Summer is right around the corner, and it's time for parents to decide: Are summer camps and other warm-weather activities safe enough yet? Here's what you need…

Colorado Hooker, Pineapple Express and other winter storm names

You look up the forecast for your area only to see the meteorologist talking about a bomb cyclone blizzard headed your way. And next week there will be a Great Lakes Cutter, followed by an Inland Runner. What on earth do those even mean? These are all various names given to storm systems that can occur in winter.

This is the ultimate dinosaur road trip

Eighty million years ago, a ferocious predecessor of Tyrannosaurus Rex stalked the western shore of an ancient seaway that flooded through North America, slicing the continent in two.

11 of the world's most luxurious horseback escapes

Seeing the world on horseback is a luxury and at these equestrian vacation destinations, horses and riders are treated like royalty as they discover diverse cultures, captivating traditions and posh accommodations in settings from Botswana to California.