Cuero bar offers sense of hometown pride, flair

Doug Blank, owner of the Hardwood Cafe, talks about why he decided to open a bar in his hometown.

In the heart of Cuero's downtown district, a craft cocktail bar called the hardwood has reignited the sleepy town's passion for panache Owner Doug Blank was born and…

Christmas ornament crafts with Calhoun County librarian

Ozzy Mora and James Muñoz learn how to make a DIY ornament thanks to a Calhoun County librarian and her assistant.

Ozzy Mora and James Muñoz learn how to make a DIY ornament thanks Kelly Ashley, a Calhoun County librarian, and her assistant. And also part of our Small…

Homemade jellies, baked goods brings family together

Kylie and Landa Koppenol talk about their jellies and baked goods as part of our Small Town Christmas special.

Kylie and Landa Koppenol are family members each running their own homemade goods businesses - the Hallettsville residents share their passion for flavors with Ozzy Mora and…

Christmas in Goliad celebrates 36 years

In addition to beautiful performances by the children there were a few other things the community was able to enjoy at Christmas in Goliad

While walking towards the 36th annual Christmas in Goliad you can see the huge crowd of people watching the children perform their special holiday dance. Bruno Mata is a Goliad…

A Tamalada Christmas with Newscenter 25's Griselda Perez

Newscenter 25's Griselda Perez takes us inside her family's home and shows us what is for dinner

Arguably the best sight on Christmas day- unwrapped like a gift- the tamale- is a staple in a Mexican household. But before we get to this sight, we have to start at…

Humbug! Where does that word come from anyway?

"Bah Humbug!"The phrase, uttered by more than a century of Christmas scrooges across page and screen, has been popularized by almost endless adaptations of Charles Dickens' classic, "A Christmas Carol."But what does the word "humbug" really mean?It's Humbug Day, and…

What you probably didn't know about 'Jingle Bells'

Christmas is just around the corner. This year, instead of jumping into endless political conversations at the dinner table, try throwing some Christmas knowledge at your family. The surprising history of one of America's most beloved Christmas songs,