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Student survivors from room 112 recall the 77 minutes from the Robb Elementary School massacre

“I saw most of my friends pass, and I saw my best friend dead and I saw my teacher, Mrs. Mireles, screaming and crying because she didn’t want to die, she was trying to, she wanted to talk to her daughter,” says Khloe Torres, a room 112 survivor.

UVALDE, Texas - In Uvalde's Robb Elementary school massacre, a teen gunman killed 19 children and 2 teachers in the fourth-grade…

Uvalde pastor recalls day of tragedy

"God will always be with you even in the difficult times, and let them know that what the enemy brought for destruction God brings it to back for his glory," says Pastor Limones.

UVALDE, Texas - Gilbert Limones is a pastor who was working at the funeral home right next to Robb Elementary when he and his coworkers heard something…

Confusion and chaos during the Robb Elementary School shooting

“They told me my daughter was at the hospital, I identify a baby that’s not mine, so where is my daughter in all this,” says Torres.

UVALDE, Texas - The tragedy of the Robb Elementary School massacre was marred in confusion the day of the shooting, with parents finding out from other family…