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UPDATE: Device involved in Ganado phone threat registered out of Garland

Officials continue to investigate the incident

GANADO, Texas - The Ganado Police Department continues to investigate the incident from Thursday morning. Within minutes of the incident, the District Attorney's Office quickly issued a subpoena for information. YK Communications, a local telephone company, and their General Manager,…

Officials investigate threats made towards Catholic Church staff member

Updates will be provided as the investigation continues

GANADO, Texas - On Thursday morning, the Catholic Church in Ganado, Texas received a phone call from someone making threats directed to a staff member of the church. The subject directed all threats to the Catholic Church. Dispatch received a…

UPDATE: Ganado ISD lockdown has been released

Law enforcement is on the scene

UPDATE: According to the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, at approximately 9:20 a.m., the lockdown for Ganado ISD was released. An investigation is ongoing, and heavy law enforcement presence will continue in the area. GANADO, Texas - On Thursday, dispatch received…

OLV participates in worldwide prayer service for Russia and Ukraine

Our Lady of Victory participates in a prayer service dedicated to war in Ukraine

Our Lady of Victory participates in a prayer service dedicated to war in Ukraine. Many people prayed around the world. Even Pope Francis and the bishops around the world held a prayer service simultaneously. Bishop Cahill recited the prayers in Spanish and father Richard Barfield recited the prayers in English. The consecration was a sentimental dedication from attendees, people who said prayers, and religious activists.

West Virginia AG sues Catholic diocese, bishop

West Virginia's attorney general has sued the state's diocese and former bishop, saying they "knowingly employed pedophiles" while failing to alert parents about potential risks at Catholic schools and other activities.

Pope calls abusive clergy 'tools of Satan'

Pope Francis, speaking on the final day of a historic summit on clergy sexual abuse, called priests and other Catholics who abuse children "tools of Satan," but offered no concrete steps to address the church's massive and morally damning abuse crisis.

Pope Francis vows action on clergy sex abuse

As the Vatican began a historic summit on combating clergy sexual abuse, prosecutors in the United States slammed the Catholic Church, saying it should not be trusted to police itself.

Pope Francis delivers first papal mass in Arabian Peninsula

Pope Francis became the first pontiff to celebrate Mass in the Arabian Peninsula, the birthplace of Islam, on Tuesday, delivering an address to tens of thousands of people in Abu Dhabi at the end of a historic visit to the United Arab Emirates.