british parliament

Here's what's next for UK Parliament

In a landmark decision that will have far-reaching implications, the UK Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament for five weeks was unlawful.

UK Parliament is suspended amid scenes of chaos

One of the longest sessions in the history of the British Parliament ended early Tuesday morning in extraordinary scenes, with protests from placard-waving lawmakers and attempts to prevent the Speaker of the House from leaving his chair.

May's future in balance as Brexit enters decisive week

British politics has been increasingly fixated on the Brexit countdown clock as the departure day -- now scheduled in just 18 days' time -- draws nearer. As such, Theresa May is preparing for one of the most momentous weeks of her premiership -- and of the country's recent past -- as lawmakers get a chance to decide whether Brexit goes ahead in its current form.

UK Parliament votes to create financial obstacle to a 'no-deal' Brexit

British Prime Minister Theresa May suffered another setback to her Brexit withdrawal deal Tuesday as members of her own Conservative Party joined opposition Labour Party MPs in favor of a vote to curb the government's spending powers if Britain fails to secure an agreement deal on its departure from the European Union.

As Brexit deadline looms, protests turn nasty

For more than two years -- come rain, hail or shine -- campaigners from across the Brexit divide have gathered outside the UK Parliament to chant slogans, wave flags and occasionally share tea and biscuits.