Book sale at Victoria Public Library this week

Friends of the Library host the sale until this Saturday

  VICTORIA, Texas - Victoria Public Library will host the Friends of the Library sale every day this week. The sale's proceeds fund…

One group wants to see LGBTQI books removed from Victoria Public Library

A former library board member says that removing the books would be an attack on the First Amendment

VICTORIA, Texas - One group of local individuals plan on being at the Victoria Public Library board meeting this Wednesday demanding that books relating to LGBTQI be taken off the library shelves. They are…

Redbird Books continues to thrive

Even though there is a pandemic, readers stilll continue to enjoy their favorite books

VICTORIA,Texas--Redbird Books, the local bookstore in Victoria for 13 years, is seeing people who still continue and enjoy reading. Especially now that there isn't much to do during the pandemic,…

Amazon removes books that promoted an autism 'cure'

Amazon has removed books from its website that promoted "cures" for autism, the latest major company to try to limit the amount of misinformation related to autism and the bogus notion that it's caused by vaccines.