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Warriors' Kasey Kalich in his second year with the Braves

Warriors graduate, Kasey Kalich returns to spring training for the Atlanta Braves organization

VICTORIA,Texas--Former Victoria West Warriors baseball pitcher, Kasey Kalich is now a member of the Atlanta Braves. His journey started at an early age. Baseball was always enjoyable for him and as he got…

Atlanta Braves conceal All-Star patches off uniforms

Braves cover All-Star logo on jerseys, shift hats

PHILADELPHIA (AP) — The Atlanta Braves looked a little patchwork in their second game of the season. The All-Star Game patch that appeared on the right sleeve of the Braves’ jerseys during opening day was sewn over Saturday against Philadelphia…

Atlanta Braves will reduce use of Tomahawk Chop

There were some changes during the Atlanta Braves game Wednesday after the team announced it is taking steps to "reduce" the Tomahawk Chop, an arm movement done by fans to cheer on the team.

MLS Cup 2018: A city united by soccer, Atlanta seeks title

In its short history, Atlanta United has captured the city's spirit and taken Major League Soccer by storm. Now, the Five Stripes -- in just their second season -- are a game away from winning a championship, playing host to the Portland Timbers for the MLS Cup on December 8.