The Five Points Museum has a new exhibition up

The Five Points Museum of Contemporary Art are having the "Road So Far" exhibition

The Five Points Museum of Contemporary Art are having the "Road So Far" exhibition. The exhibition this time around at The Five Points Museum is titled…

Community Crossroads: The Road So Far

Artist Jesse Lott shares his experiences working on "The Road So Far," a collaborative exhibit made with fellow artist Travis Whitfield.

In this week's Community Crossroads with co-host Carolina Astrain, we hear from artist Jesse Lott and museum manager Magdalena Kuykendall about the latest exhibit, The Road So Far, at…

Artist paints stunning underwater murals

Hawaiian artist Sean Yoro likes to paint his evocative murals on precarious surfaces: melting icebergs, the burnt bark of trees and remote waterside walls at the mercy of rising tides, among others. The transient nature of the works, which are destined to naturally disappeared shortly after their creation, is used to bring attention to problems afflicting the environment.

Photos reimagine Havana as pastel-colored dreamland

Two vintage cars sit outside a crumbling movie theater. A narrow street drips with sunlight, its pastel facades and peeling shutters set against a saturated sky. A stray dog saunters past a wall painted with the words, "En cada barrio revolución," a famous Cuban slogan translating as: "In every neighborhood, revolution."

Local realtor and art students create "Insta-Wall"

Local realtor Greg Spears recently joined forces with St. Joseph High School Art Director Julie Carson and her students to create a beautiful new "Insta-Wall" on the Greg Spears Realty office building at 2204 E. Airline Road in Victoria.