T.E.A. Releases New Accountability Ratings System

School districts across the state are calling it a flawed system. We’re talking about the new way the Texas Education Agency grades school performance. A progress report of sorts was released, and it has school officials and parents very concerned.

The report is the result of the 84th Texas legislature and its decision to create a new accountability rating system.

Schools and school districts will now receive a grade from an A to an F.
This is an initial report much like a progress report put out before the new system is implemented. That system wont happen until 2018.

The 494-page progress report goes into great detail about its ratings of schools and school districts, detailing findings in four key categories or “domains”: Student Achievement, Student Progress, Closing Performance gaps and post-secondary readiness.
Missy Klimitchek , curriculum director for Industrial ISD say this is just an initial report, and expects grades to change and improve in 2018.

“At this point it’s a work in progress. Even the commissioner has said this is a work in progress. The way that we are ranked this year is not how we’re going to be ranked in two years when this goes into effect,” she says.