Swim Safety Season In the Crossroads

“I’ve heard my grand kid almost go under and it’s the most horrible feeling.” When Victoria resident Lisa Mercado received news that her 4 year old grandson was in danger of drowning, she couldn’t believe it.
Her advice now? “Parents, grandparents have to be there for them. Always by there side.” Drowning can happen quickly and quietly. It only takes minutes for your child to drown even if you turn your back for a second. Last year, 75 kids drowned in Texas. But its just as easy to make sure your children know what to do if they find themselves in a drowning situation.
“it is swim safety season– and we’ve upped our lessons even. we’ve added more because there’s not as much out there. and it’s important for every child to learn how to swim,” says swimming instructor Debi Meese. As for Mercado, one thing’s for sure. “It doesn’t matter how big the water is, how low the water is, always be there. Always be behind your kids,” she says,