Suzie Escobedo: One year later

“We rest in God, we pray, we have family vigils, we’re just always praying and only in God do we find some peace for our aching souls.” says Jose Vallejo, uncle of missing Suzie Escobedo and the spokesperson for the family.

A full calendar year has passed since Suzie Escobedo’s family last saw her face. A face of a mother, daughter, sister and friend.

To this day, no concrete answers have been released on her whereabouts.

Leading the investigation is Calhoun County Sheriff’s Department, who in the past months, Newscenter 25 has reached out on not one, but three different occasions– all with a minimal response.

However, in September of 2018, a month into the investigation, was the last time a comment was received from Sheriff Bobbie Vickery saying,

“Because it is an ongoing investigation, many times when the information comes to us we have to be very careful what information is allowed to get out because it can jeopardize something like this, and we want nothing more than to get closure or justice if needs be.”

After extensive search parties last August, with aid from Texas Equusearch and the Texas Rangers, the small community of Seadrift continues to join the family in their time of need. A public Facebook group, now has more than 2,000 people hoping for some answers.

“It’s such a hard time, hard to accept the idea that she is not with us right now. There’s just a lot of questions, and not many answers.” adds Vallejo.

The family continues to work with investigators, in hopes of bringing her back home, and add they are forever grateful for the work done so far.

“For the community, I just want to say, if you know anything, or hear anything, please help us find Suzie” pleads Vallejo.

If you have any information contact Calhoun County Sheriffs Department at 361-553-4646