Suzie Escobedo: Family Continues Search Nearly 5 Months After Disappearance

We first reported on Suzie Escobedo’s disappearance back in August, now nearly 5 months later, her family is tirelessly continuing the search to bring her back home.

Newscenter 25’s Griselda Perez sat down with Suzie’s uncle, Jose Vallejo to talk about these devastating times for the family.

“It hasn’t been easy, but I think God has really helped us go through this difficult moment, and all the prayers for her and our family.” says Jose Vallejo, Suzie’s uncle. He has stood by Suzie’s family and has been present for the long searches hosted by Texas Equusearch and the continuing investigation Calhoun County Sheriff’s office along wth the Texas Rangers is covering.

“Wwe have many questions, but we have no answers, who do we turn to? We call authorities, but they don’t tell us anything, It’s just an empty feeling she’s left in our family.” he adds.

Currently, the family is reorganizing to post flyers and posters through the crossroads. He says officials have given them no reason to believe Suzie is not alive.

“T he investigation is so complicated, there’s so many pieces that are a part of this puzzle. and there is many things that the public doesn’t know, not everything has been said. All I can say is she was taken against her will.” Vallejo adds.

The family is so hopeful to see Suzie return home to her two children. They ask the community that if they know anything to reach out to authorities.

“We’re just so thankful for all the prayers, we know we’ll receive good news soon.”

The family asks to Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office at 361-553-4646 if anyone has any details that may lead to finding Suzie.