Sutherland Springs Dedication Ceremony

Today the First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs dedication ceremony took place. It was a difficult time for some church members as they remember those who lost their lives in the church shooting.

“As a survivor, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I’m not in pain, of course, I’m in pain I have hurts, shot multiple times said,” David Colbath a survivor.

David Colbath is a survivor of the deadliest mass shooting in Texas history that occurred on November 5, 2017. He attended the First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs dedication ceremony service to remember the 26 members who lost their lives in the mass shooting. On the other hand, Senator John Cornyn came because he was so inspired by this small community.

“Well, the truth is I didn’t come to offer inspiring words. I came here because I was inspired by what I saw in the faces and lives of these wonderful people, these people who attended this little church here in Sutherland Springs,” said U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

The new church was completely donated to the congregation and there were approximately 400 people in attendance at the dedication ceremony. They made it more secure and they have implemented a new safety response team. The team consists of mostly volunteers who are going through extensive training to protect the children and worshipers at First Baptist Church Sutherland Springs. The new worship center and education building have a memorial to honor the victims of the shooting. Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott spoke to the congregation and gave thanks to the pastor for his strength.

“Despite losing your own daughter, God gave you the strength to continue to lead this great congregation and I want to thank you for walking with God through this journey,” said Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

The pastor stated the former church will always be hollow ground and the church body will vote on what happens next to the facility.

This horrifying church shooting rocked the nation but it also brought a small community together.