Suspects call police, inadvertently incriminate themselves

Two Woodsboro men are in custody after calling 911 to report an incident, only to find themselves arrested and charged with drug possession.

Victoria Police say 21-year-old William Haag and 18-year-old Braxton Manson called to report an incident at a business across from Dairy Treet Sunday night.

While speaking to Haag and Manson, officers discovered that the men hid beer next to a dumpster near the location.

Officer left the scene and staked out nearby, when Haag picked up the beer and a plastic bag near the dumpster, before leaving the scene with Manson.

The suspects were pulled over shortly afterwards and asked by officers if they could do a search.

While walking Manson to their patrol car, officers realized Manson was leaving a trail of pills from his seat to the patrol car, before attempting to hide the bag underneath the car.

Manson and Haag were subsequently arrested.

A search of the vehicle revealed a bag of narcotics, a substantial amount of cash believed to be from drug deals and a small amount of marijuana.

Both men have been charged with Manufacture or Delivery of a Controlled Substance and Possession of Marijuana.

Manson has additionally been charged with Tampering with Physical Evidence with Intent to Impair.