Superintendent Shepherd with a district update

Closing Thoughts: A word from Superintendent Quintin Shepherd
The following is an article provided by Superintendent Quintin Shepherd:
When I first moved to Texas…
When I was offered the opportunity to move to Victoria, it came with tremendous excitement. Shortly after being hired, our house was on the market, we were searching for a new home and beginning to think about transitioning my girls into the Victoria ISD. An interesting thing happened to my girls that I thought would be somewhat unique for them, but that every student in the Victoria ISD is going to experience in the next few weeks.
Before we moved to Texas and in the months following my hire, my girls began building a virtual social network. They “knew” people here even though they had never met in person. These relationships happened over the course of several weeks. A very special moment happened for me when they were able to meet these new friends for the first time in person. This is something most of us adults cannot imagine because social media wasn’t so prolific during our growing-up years.
It occurs to me that nearly every student in VISD is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to begin in-person instruction and I know our teachers are excited too. These students and staff will experience the opportunity of “knowing” their classmates virtually, but not in person, and will soon be meeting for the first time. Having seen the joy and happiness my children experienced, I am genuinely excited for all our kids and staff as we begin welcoming everyone back.
We continue to watch the case counts in Victoria. We have also identified threshold markers for when we need to consider closing one of our campuses. We are using the same procedure we have used for years with slight modifications. In the past, during flu season, we would temporarily close a campus if flu spread amongst staff or students reached a 25% threshold. Because the incubation period is slightly different between COVID and seasonal Flu, we are going to utilize the same process and with modified thresholds. Because nobody in the country has ever done this before, we are making an informed and educated guess about where those thresholds should be set. I will continue to share information about that as we get closer to September 8th.