Super Tuesday: Races to keep an eye on

VICTORIA, Texas- Driving through town, campaign signs are everywhere as election day is upon us.

At a state level, we begin with long time incumbent Geanie Morrison, facing Vanessa Hicks-Callaway. Representative Morrision has held her seat as District 30 representative since 1999. Both candidates are registered republicans. 

Representative Morrison hopes to continue work in assigned committees like recreation and tourism, and environmental regulation.

Hicks-Callaway,  born in Victoria, focusing on rebuilding even stronger following destruction caused by hurricane Harvey.

After appointed U.S. Marshal, former sheriff O’Connor left behind an empty seat at the Victoria County Sheriff’s Office. This race consists of 4 candidates- Philip Dennis Dale Fowler, Justin Marr and Melissa Rendon-Wasicek. All candidates are registered republicans and each with more than 20 years of experience in law enforcement. 

The third race is for precinct three commissioner — occupied by Commissioner Gary Burns for the past 15 years.

Running now for re-election against 2 other candidates, James Kurth, and James Soderholtz. All candidates for Commissioner Precint 3 are registered as republicans, this term allows for four years with no term limits.

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