Sunrise Weather (2/11) Arctic Cold in the Crossroads

Rain chances today, frozen precipitation possible this weekend


Today: Rain likely. High: 45. Winds: N 10 – 20 mph. Rain chance 70%.

Tonight: Rain likely. Low: 40. Winds: N 10 – 20 mph. Rain chance 60%.

Friday: Cloudy skies. Scattered Rain Showers. High: 48. Winds: N 10 – 20 mph. Rain chance 30%.

Extended forecast: Saturday thru Wednesday: Highs 30’s and 40’s, lows 20’s and 30’s. Cloudy skies, rain and frozen precipitation chances Saturday, Monday and Wednesday.

Synopsis: Increasingly colder air in the Crossroads will lead to a very wintry forecast for the next several days. Rain chances today and tomorrow, as a upper low aloft passes through. With temperatures above freezing, precipitation will remain liquid. Temps lowering to the freezing mark Saturday night for overnight lows with highs in the 40’s. Temperatures likely to reach freezing Sunday night and not getting above freezing until Tuesday. The chance for freezing rain and sleet most likely at this time. In addition, lows in the 20’s and even teens will mean that hard freeze will be likely. Watch weather developments and prepare for very cold weather. ~ Trey