Summertime Showers and Storms Will Continue

We have lots of moisture available for afternoon storms today. Some of the storms have produced heavy rain and lots of lightning. Storms will weaken by sunset and we will we see more of the same for Sunday and Monday. I am not expecting anything severe. Our rain chances begin tom dwindle by midweek as the upper high begins building back south into Texas. As our rain chances decrease, temperatures will be increasing into the middle 90s by next weekend. In the tropics we are still watching two areas of interest. Beryl is now a tropical storm as it continues moving northwest toward the Lesser Antilles. It is expected to continue to weaken as it is running into some drier air and wind shear. Tropical Depression Three is expected to become a tropical storm in the next 12 hours or so. The next name on the hurricane list is Chris. Tropical Depression Three will remain away from the United States as it meanders. Over time, it will move out to sea.