Summer Kids Play Week Gymnastics

Our Summer Kids Play Week series continues with the latest national champion gymnasts from Victoria. Jaden McCarter of Manning Gymnastics continued two impressive streaks at the USA Gymnastics Nationals in Greensboro, North Carolina this month. She did so by winning Level eight trampoline. It was her second straight year to win nationals. Said Jaden, “This time it was actually a lot harder. I was in the first flight, second up. I stayed in first and I had to wait six whole flights and a couple of these girls could have beaten me. But somehow they didn’t.” That also kept the winning streak going for Manning’s coach Chad Ganaway. It made 19 straight years he has coached a national champion. “I just have to give the glory to God first of all. There’s a lot of things that have to go right at these meets for them to win. You not only have to be prepared and put in a lot of hard work, but a lot of things have to fall in place.” Two Victoria Gymagic girls added to their impressive resumes at nationals. Krista McNary and Isabela Garza took gold in synchronized trampoline in Junior Elite. It’s Krista’s sixth national championship, Isabela’s third. Said Krista, “Winning and going to nationals every year builds up my confidence competing internationally and nationally.” Said Isabela, “I feel with the pressure you get more experience, knowing which competitors are out there and getting familiar with what people are doing.” Said Gymagic head coach Ciindy Seerden, “Any experience is priceless. The more that they can get international the more that they can settle their nerves down. They see what’s out there and they perform better when they have a little bit more under their belts. It helps a lot.”
Our Summer Kids Play Week series continues Thursday night with track and field.