Summer Kids Play Week 7-on-7 Football

Some area high schools are getting the most out of their students this summer, with athletes from all over the Crossroads turning to 7-on-7 football to stay in shape and keep their skills sharp. The summer football action kicked off right after school ended in May, with three area 7-on-7 teams – Cuero, Goliad, and Louise – making it to the State 7-on-7 tournament in College Station this year.

“We worked on it very hard,” Cuero 7-on-7 player Marcus Gomez said. “(Cuero’s) Coach Reeve tells us to go to the field and throw the ball, work on our routes very hard. We do it every day.”

The same was said by 7-on-7 players in Victoria.

“This helps me a lot, learning new routes, learning new plays with the team, learning our fastest receivers who can catch the ball,” East starting quarterback Caleb Longoria told our Don Brubaker. “It just gets us mentally prepared for who’s going to be in the starting position.”

Across town, West quarterback Jordan Fillmore shared a similar sentiment as he prepares to enter his senior season, and his first as the Warriors’ starter.

“It just has to come from the mind,” Fillmore said. “You can’t think about it. You just have to be comfortable with it and trust in your teammates.”

While neither Victoria team qualified for the state tournament, players on both rosters used the opportunity to grow more comfortable with their teammates and playbooks.