Suddenlink’s customer service complaints are being heard by the Victoria City Council

Citizens have been complaining that Suddenlink’s customer service isn’t what they expect. The City Council Tuesday passed a resolution that forwarded those complaints from citizens to the State representative who can hopefully take action on it.

City Council member Jan Scott asked Mayor Rawley McCoy what would a resolution of dissatisfied cable and internet service accomplish?

“So it’s a way for us as Elective Representatives of our citizens to express their concerns and dissatisfaction on behalf of them to the State,” Rawley McCoy, Mayor of Victoria.

Travis Nance the Regional Vice President of Marketing and Engagement for Suddenlink attended the meeting to listen to the community’s concerns and Mayor McCoy addressed his attendance.

“I do want to commend Mr. Nance for coming here tonight we did have a very good meeting with him. I was very encouraged by what we were told but in that meeting, I think I expressed to him I think the City needs to do what the city needs to do and Suddenlink needs to do what Suddenlink needs to do,” said Mayor McCoy.

As the meeting continued Thomas Gwosdz, the City of Victoria Attorney, said that if the resolution is passed this will raise awareness of the Suddenlink customer service complaints at a State level for our local citizens. Meanwhile, another councilman relayed a message about his experience with Suddenlink service.

“Everybody here has experienced issues and I just want to relay that it’s not just only the customer service side. If a fair product was being delivered on what was promised there wouldn’t be a need for all the customer service calls,” said Jeff Bauknight, the Council Member for District 3.

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