Subway restaurants donate to local food bank

Subway restaurants in the area are teaming up with the Food Bank to bring more meals to crossroads families this holiday season.

In a campaign with Subway restaurants and ‘Feeding America’, more than $2,300 was raised for families in Victoria.

“It’s the only way we can function, without the partners in the community we couldn’t do what we do, and Subway is an excellent example of that,” says Robin Cadle, Food Bank of the Golden Crescent President.

The partnership began in September. Every time a customer bought two meals at Subway, money was given back to the food bank.

“We were the recipients of $2,300 so that goes a long way for us, and we are grateful to Subway for partnering with ‘Feeding America’ and supporting the food banks in our area.” adds Cadle.

At the food bank, each dollar equals to an average of ten meals. As the holidays approach, the food bank provides aid for more than 30,000 families in the Crossroads.

Cadle explained that, “it’s not just the holidays. People are reaching out for food on a constant basis. You and I know we want to eat every day.”

The food bank fund-raises year round to help end hunger nationally.