Study shows 10 of the most profitable Airbnb cities in the US are in Texas

There’s money to be made in Airbnb.

With potential rental profits ranging from $12,000-$29,000, nine Texas cities made the top 50 ranking!

Hosts can earn substantial profits by renting out their homes, and oftentimes, their investment properties to customers through the online marketplace.

We wanted to see where Airbnb hosts can rake in the most dough. According to our analysis, nine cities in Texas topped our list:

Pasadena: $29,988
Grand Prairie: $24,432
Arlington: $19,824
Fort Worth: $19,536
Lubbock: $16,416
San Antonio: $13,488
Dallas: $12,684
El Paso: 13,104
Amarillo: $12,012

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