Students share who their favorite United States president of all time is

Students were dressed up as their favorite figures in history when they shared with us which United States president inspires them the most.

VICTORIA, Texas – Monday is Presidents’ Day. We spoke with students from Trinity Episcopal School taking part in a Living History program.

Students were dressed up as their favorite figures in history when they shared with us which United States Presidents inspire them the most.

Many of the students at Trinity Episcopal School chose the first president, whom the federal holiday,  is named for. But some choose more recent presidents in history. Some also tell us why.

Brody Gabrysch: “Um, Theodore Roosevelt. I love what he did and opened all the National Parks.”

Fallon Grimsinger: “George Washington.”

Madison Osuchukwu: “Barack Obama. Because he was the first Black president. He was like really nice and stuff.”

Ansley Ford: “My favorite president is George Washington. Because he did a lot of interesting things and I liked his hair.”

Georgia Hall: “Abraham Lincoln. I just liked that he stopped slavery because if he didn’t we’d probably all be slaves right now.”

Polly Hawn: “George Washington. Because he was the first president of America.”

Owen Wilkinson: “Yeah, it’s Donald Trump because I did him for my president’s project in second grade. I don’t know because there are a bunch of memes about him.”

Aarya Gowda: “Barack Obama. And because he’s the first African-American president.

Alexa Widenan: “Abraham Lincoln.”

Kenneth Stimson: “My favorite president is Donald Trump. He’s a very good man and president.”

Ava Schulte: “My favorite president is George H. W. Bush. A lot of my family members also worked with him, my Opa worked on the Secret Service with him and my uncle’s grandparents, they fixed elevators in his house.”

Drew Lester: “George Washington. Because he was the first president and everybody liked him as a president.”

Sunny Taylor: “I don’t really have a favorite president.”

Faye Martyn: “George Washington.”

And then we  asked what’s their favorite part of being an American?

Ava: “That is it a free country and that we have great presidents that do care about the citizens in America.”

Kenneth: “Really just my life.”

Owen: “I’m free, freedom.”

Madison: “That you’re free.”

Drew: “I love the most, I love being free the most about being an American.”

Ansley: “My favorite thing about being an American is that there is American food.”

Polly: “My favorite part of being an American is having the right to be free.”

Presidents’ Day was first celebrated in the 1880’s and although George Washington’s birthday isn’t until Saturday, February 22, Presidents’ Day usually lands on the third Monday in February.