Students receive supplies at annual Pack the bus event

This years Pack the Bus event brought in more supplies than ever before. But that’s not the most exciting part….the best part happened today when the supplies were distributed to the children eagerly waiting to start school next week. Newscenter 25’s David Gibson attended the give away at faith family church. “To go out in the community and make a difference in the community,” says Col. Mike Petrash, Organizer.
Striving to make a difference in children’s lives so they start the school year off right.
“Alot of these kids would go to school without anything sort of supplies and so what we want to do is encourage them to stay in school and enjoy it, and get a vision for what GOD has for their lives,” explains Petrash.
The feeling of helping those in need….
“Oh it feels amazing, completely amazing,” adds Rebecca Vasquez, Organizer.
“These kids that come with their parents and grab these bags and they walk out with smiles on their faces knowing they have school supplies and its just amazing,” tells Joey Loya, Organizer. Volunteers say its an honor to give back to the community that supports them.
“Because a lot of people have done a lot for me so just being able to give back to the community feels amazing,” declares Jamara Burmeister, Miss Victoria.
“It feels really honorable just because they are always there to help us and it feels nice to help them back,” exclaims Chloe Morales, BRP Miss USA.
“It feels good because we are helping a lot of people getting their own stuff,” tells Anayah Villanueva. Also if any family needs assistance, the family connection center and Kidzconnection works with VISD to help.

“We work to provide resources for families in need. So we can help with things like school supplies, clothing, we have a computer lab for families to use or students to use if they have homework,” adds Yvonne Ramos, Kidzconnection Coordinator. “Anything that you may think of that the family is in need of please reach out to your parent liaisons,” says Gloria Martinez, Kidzconnection. At the end of the day.. Over 3,200 children school supplies were given away. Organizers want to thank everyone who donated or volunteered for this wonderful event.