Student march shows Zero Reasons Why not to talk about mental health

Overland Park, KS — A student-led campaign to raise awareness for mental health took their message to the streets Saturday.

Zero Reasons Why is a peer-run and supported group for students across Johnson County focusing on mental health awareness.

“Zero Reasons Why is branching all the schools together,” Blue Valley North student Caleb Nelson explained.

Before the march Saturday, people were asked to fill out signs and share their stories.

Courtney Costain , a student at Spring Hill High School, said campaigns like this can help students who are afraid of what others might think of their struggles, a concern she said had herself.

“Before this campaign, I struggled with mental health myself, but I was never one to seek help, because I was afraid of what people would think, or I was the student that was always really involved, and I was like, I can’t be the student that needs help because people look at me in a certain way,” she explained. “And after this campaign I realized that everyone needs a little help.”

After they walked, the students shared their stories to fight the stigma, and as Nelson noted, show there was always someone there.

“At the end of the day, we’re here to show our support for one another.”