Student graduates years after being told he wouldn’t leave hospital

OMAHA, Neb. — Matthew Brewster graduated from Creighton University Saturday, but in 2012 he and his family thought that may never happen.

On December 5th , 2012 Matthew suffered from a potentially fatal brain bleed.

He was flown to an ICU three hours from his home and spent 60 days in the hospital.

Matthew’s mom, Shannon Brewster, tells FOX 42 ” each of those days was literally a day in which the medical odds said he would die and if he did live, he would require 24/7 care. ”

Shannon says Matthew had to relearn how to eat, sit, walk and speak.

Matthew writes in a personal essay shared with FOX 42:

” Tuesday, Dec. 4, 2010: I am an honor roll junior in high school, a nationally ranked fencer, a person on track to learn and compete at a top university in just 18 months.

Wednesday, Dec. 5, 2012: I am in a neuro-ICU with more tubes and wires in my body than can be counted in one glance and, in the assessment of one of the world’s leading neurosurgeons, I will not be leaving the hospital alive.

” What a difference 24 hours can makes. ”

Matthew says ” my journey since that Wednesday morning has not been the one I would have chosen, but it is my journey and I intend to face it with strength and commitment. ”