Stroman Middle School closes after air quality report

Mold was found inside the school, Stroman students and staff will start the year at Liberty Academy

VICTORIA, Texas – Stroman Middle School is now closed due to a recent air quality report.

Stroman Middle School will close until further notice after mold was found within the building. This news comes as students and staff are gearing up to return to the classroom on August 18.

We spoke with Superintendent Quintin Shepherd on how this will affect the Stroman staff.

“Our hearts just really go out to the staff at Stroman. I mean they’re approximately a week away from starting school, and to get this news that they can’t go back into their school and that they’re going to be displaced would be incredibly uncomfortable for anyone”, said Shepherd.

For the time being Stroman staff and students are going to be relocated to the Liberty Academy campus.  Shepherd says that the relocation to Liberty Academy is not a long-term solution. As for the students and staff at Liberty, they will start their school year at the Dr. Robert Jaklich Conference Center

Superintendent Shepherd says that a new air quality report should be in within a few weeks.

“I think it’s a conversation for our community again. This is one of those things that we’ve used task forces in the past to say if we know that this is the cost and this is the timeline versus the reality that we’ve also got a bond that we’re standing up in front of the community, what would the community have us do”, said Shepherd.

There is a specially called Victoria I.S.D. meeting this Friday at 4:30 at the V.I.S.D. Administration building. Victoria I.S.D. board trustees will discuss whether or not to call a voter-approved tax rate election to raise teacher pay, as well as a bond election that would cover high priority repair items across the district.

This report comes months after voters rejected the V.I.S.D. bond proposal which would have set in place for the complete rebuild of the Stroman campus with a $156.8 million dollar bond.

The bond was voted down with about a 900-vote difference and a voter turnout of 14.6% out of a total of 49,286 registered voters.

The two proposals would still have to be approved by the Victoria I.S.D. board, so expect further discussions at future meetings. If approved by the board, voters will see the two proposals on this year’s ballot on November 2, 2021.