Street Corner Tearing Up Tires in Victoria

“I hit the curb which put a big gash in the side wall of my tire,” Lambert said.

The corner of Colorado and Navarro is a problem area for some drivers. Jennifer Lambert had to buy a new tire after she hit the curb turning right on her way home from work at Detar Navarro. She says she was having a conversation at work when she realized it was a bigger problem.

“Another employee said hey that happened to me too and I said what are you talking about and they said the corner by taco bell,” Lambert said.

The City has repaired the inlet box that helps drain water three times since 2007. The previous damage was done thanks to an 18 wheeler truck.

“The inlet box itself was crushed from the weight of a large truck coming down Colorado and making that same turn,” Reese said.

Having to make a sharp turn could add to the problem, but the city has a plan to fix the inlet box to make sure no driver has to worry about a busted tire on their way home ever again.

“Break out a piece of that curb and slope it gently up to the edge of that inlet box in hopes of taking that jagged edge off of it,” Reese said.