Stray dogs are a growing issue in Yorktown

Stray dogs are killing pets, ducks and sometimes charge at residents


YORKTOWN, Texas – Yorktown residents are experiencing a high number of stray dog attacks and with no animal control in the area, residents are left to handle the issue themselves.

These dogs have wandered into resident’s backyards to attack their pets and have killed ducks at a local duck pond.

The City of Yorktown does not have an animal control department, leaving residents frustrated as no one can come to capture the stray dogs in the neighborhoods.

One Yorktown resident had to take her cat, Maxine, to the vet on three separate occasions due to stray dogs attacking her cat in her front yard last week

” This isn’t a one person problem, this is a problem for all of our residents and my fear is if these dogs are this vicious, what’s gonna happen if one is outside with my 4-year-old, what’s gonna stop them from attacking my kid, then are they gonna listen? ” says Emilie Pena, Yorktown resident.

Mrs. Pena also says that she will continue to press the issue to city officials until something is resolved, not only for the safety of her family but for the residents of Yorktown.

We reached out to the Yorktown city administrator and the city mayor but could not get a statement regarding the animal control issue at this time.