Stray bullet survivor cautions against using firearms to ring in the New Year

Joe Pina, a 7-year-old Victoria resident, talks about surviving after being hit by a stray bullet during the Fourth of July.

For those of you preparing and planning to ring in the New Year – here is a cautionary tale from a young Victoria resident that survived being hit by a stray bullet during Fourth of July celebrations.

“I was freaking out when it first shot me,” said Joe Pina, 7.

Krissey Arguellez – Joe’s grandmother says the family was shocked the stray bullet landed in their backyard.

“We was all sitting in our backyard celebrating and it was close to the grand finale and he just started screaming and we seen blood everywhere and when we looked at his wrist, he had a big ‘ol knot and when we took him in that’s when we found out it was a bullet,” Arguellez said.

“My mommy had to put me in the car so we could rush to the hospital,” Joe said.

Joe stayed in a hospital in San Antonio for a few days before returning to Victoria in a cast.

“It was hard for him, he did get casted and was a little irritated and was scared to come outside for a good while but and then after a few weeks he did pretty good,” Arguellez said.

Arguellez says she hopes Crossroads residents remember that what goes up must come down and to be just as careful with fireworks because those can also be dangerous.

Law enforcement officers are still accepting any leads or tips that could help figure out the origin of the stray bullet.

And when he grows up, joe says he intends to  be somebody that can help those in need.

“A firefighter,” Joe said. “Because they save people.”

So while the Pina family wishes everybody a happy 2020, they hope that you’ll refrain from using firearms to ring in the new year.