Strait From The Heart Walk, spreads Domestic Violence awareness

A Cuero woman celebrating her daughters birthday but mourning over her loss to domestic violence.

The first annual Strait From the Heart Domestic Violence awareness event was held this weekend in Cuero.

“Domestic violence that killed a local women, so that why we are all here,” says Mary Jane Ruiz. “

Its very emotional. it brings great awareness to the cause.”

According to MidCoast Families Services in 2017 136 women were killed due to domestic violence.
“Its something that keeps people hidden and silent but what i would want people to know is that youre not alone. there is still someone there that can help,” declares Alyssa Frederiksen, Director of Victim Services.

On December 25th 2016 D’metra Strait was a victim of domestic violence and she was killed. Her mother Andrea Strait made it a mission to spread awareness to the community.

“One thing is to speak out, we have to break the silence and not be afraid. if you are being threaten dont be afraid to still just to speak out because there is help out there,” Urges Andrea Strait, Organizer.

Andrea Strait created the Strait From the Heart Walk to honor her daughter while spreading awareness. She says all the community support has helped her family cope with the loss.

“When you look down there and see that big group of people getting started to walk in the memory of D’metra, thats healing within its self,” emotionally declares Strait.

Runner Mary-Jane Ruiz believes events like this help teach the younger generation their is support out their for them.

“They need to know they dont have to tolerate abusive relationship,” tells Ruiz.”Also the community is there to help them, and there is resources available to provide help.”

Strait says they have raised more than 7500 dollars, with a portion going to Midcoast Family Services and the rest to a schlorship they will create for Cuero seniors.
“Cuero highschool students, you have to be a senior. they will have the information on Monday exactly how to apply in the midst of the criteria for the application,” Straits explains.

If you or someone you know needs help you can call the hotline at 1-888-575-7842.

You can find more information at MidCoast website.