Stop Signs Repaired in Crescent Valley

In less than 24 hours after residents in the Crescent Valley neighborhood spoke to Newscenter 25 about dangerous drivers, new stop signs have been installed to address the issue.

We first brought you the story Monday when residents shared concerns.
The speed limit near the four way stop on Matchett Road says 30 miles per hour, but neighbors say people would speed through the area ignoring the falling stop signs.
Residents asked the county to do something about the problem.
Precinct one commissioner Danny Garcia says his crews were in the area repairing infrastructure Tuesday morning, and fixed the stop sign in the intersection of Matchett Road and Eula Drive.

“Report it to us and we will get somebody out there,” he says. “If there is a stop sign that’s down, we like to get to it pretty quickly. Just work with us to help us to identify some of those needs.”

When there are signs that need attention in Precinct 1, please leave a message at the precinct barn at (361)-575-8711 or contact the county judges office at (361)-575-8711.