STJ Girls Soccer Player Reports From Women’s World Cup In Paris

Jillian Robles On Team USA's Big Win

A St. Joe soccer player weighs in from Paris on the Women’s World Cup.

Lady Flyer goalkeeper Jillian Robles was at Friday’s Team USA 2-1 win over Spain in the World Cup quarterfinals. It was the third USA Women’s World Cup she has attended in France this month. She shared with me her thoughts on the big USA win.

“I personally believe the women’s team played an excellent game! They started the game with so much energy and excitement! The defense did a really good job of shutting down the French fowards before they got the opportunity to score. Overall, it was a well played game by both teams.”

Jillian told me she will be at Team USA’s Women’s World Cup semifinal against England in Lyon. It can be seen on Fox 19 Tuesday afternoon at 2:00.