Stimulus check delays: what you need to know

VICTORIA, Texas- As of June 3rd,  the Treasury Department has sent out more than 150 million stimulus relief payments. Some of those payments were sent as paper checks while about 4 million were prepaid debit cards. However, some people have yet to see a stimulus check. Tax preparers are urging people to make sure they have their tax filings in order, and be in contact with their bank.

“When [people do] their taxes, let’s say 2018-19, because that’s what their stimulus check are based upon, if they got a prepaid card through the tax preparations, the money was loaded onto that, unfortunately, the banks did not accept that so they sent the money back to the IRS. So, it’s a longer process because now you have to wait for a check in the mail,” explains Kathy Villa with local Liberty Financial Services.

The IRS number to check on that status is 1-800 919-9835. 

There are still options for those who have never filed taxes. The IRS has designated forms for that in order to receive stimulus checks.

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